“If the eyes are said to be the windows to your soul, you’d better make sure you have some fancy looking curtains ;) ” Lucinda Montano

To All My Ladies,
I created this blog to talk about YOU! During my 16 years of working in the Spa industry in NYC, i have to say I have been honoured to meet some amazing, one of a kind ladies! Going to work has always been fun for me,I consider my clients my friends.
So my friends if you are a ‘lady I lash’ and want to talk about yourself answer these 3 simple questions for me…
Who are you?
Give us a cool link? (this can be your business,funny site,charity etc)
Why did you get Lash extensions?
All are invited !

Lucinda Montano, owner of LashedNYC is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician who holds CIDESCO degree,one of the highest degrees attainable in this field. Born and trained in Great Britain, Lucinda is also licensed in NYC with 15 years behind her in the medical spa settings.Past experience includes Completely Bare,Mezzanine spa and assisting prestigious plastic surgeons on Park Avenue.Head Esthetician and trainer for Luxury skincare line Sjal.She has traveled worldwide training Estheticians for Sjals’ Gemstone facial.Other related experience includes creating spa treatment menus for international spa design consultant Lexidesign .

An expert in laser hair removal, photofacial/IPL, laser vein removal and laser skin tightening, LED skin rejuvenation, facials, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. She had been featured in Elle, Lucky, Modern Bride and Soma magazines and has had TV appearances on Fox 5 news and Beauty and Geek.

Certified Eyelash Extension specialist since 2008.Lucinda is now focusing on Lashes.Having found a way to combine both beauty work and art in one.Clients currently ranging from females in the rock and music industry,fashion models and busy mothers on the go.Lashes are for everyone.Semi Permanent Lashes last approximately 4-6 weeks which is the natural life cycle of an eyelash.They are lightweight, fixed with medical grade glue to your own individual lashes,giving you fuller longer healthy looking lashes. No irritation or “plasticy” feeling lashes.Products always of the highest quality.

Lucinda is also an artist,her artwork has been shown in The Hive gallery in LA.Her characteristic drawings and paintings always focus on the eyes with a story around what’s going on behind them.It was a natural move working with Lashes!


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