Amanda Huggins!

1. My name is Amanda Huggins…I work for a non-profit organization handling both internal and external communications. I’m also a freelance blogger, currently writing

Why did you get lashes? I love long, full lashes, but could never achieve the look I wanted without piling on mascara. Lash extension are a fabulous way to make eyes look beautiful without makeup.  Getting ready is  now a cinch in the morning, the lashes are sturdy, and just one treatment has lasted me well over a month. I’ve gone to other lash extension salons in the past, but Lucinda’s treatment has been my favorite by far.
Can you give us a cool website to check out?  I encourage you to take a look at – it’s the nonprofit I work for. We’re a 501c3 charity that sends sustainable medical and humanitarian aid to citizens of Ghana whose lives have been affected by famine, poverty, war, and disaster. Each year, our organization goes on a two week mission, during which time we perform life-changing operations, sustain feeding programs, and hold classes on womens empowerment.
Beautiful dramatic cat eye look 10,12 and 14mm j curl .20 thickness.

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